I am interested in capturing the movement, reflections and translucency of water and the quality of light. Oil pastels enable me to convey the light, movement and general ambience of places quickly.


I draw everywhere I go - around where I live in Sydney, the coast and Sydney Harbour, the Sunshine Coast, the Kimberley in Western Australia and other places in the world, such as Japan, Fiji, Vietnam, Turkey.


Drawing this way has also led me to probe deeper, to read the land and to express what is precious and in need of protection. 

Coming Exhibition: 

My next exhibition will be at

Gallery East 

21 Burnie Street Clovelly, Sydney

27 October - 6 November 2022


If you would like me to make a picture especially for you, please contact me





Tamarama - Camarama in Cadigal Land

42cm x 59.4cm