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I am interested in capturing the movement, reflections and translucency of water and the quality of light. 

I draw everywhere I go - around where I live in Sydney,  and other places in the world.

Drawing this way has also led me to probe deeper, and to express what is precious and in need of protection. 

Coming Exhibition

INTERTIDAL is an exhibition of my oil pastel pictures of the widely varied, ecologically important and beautiful foreshores of the harbour and our coastline 

Dickerson Gallery

34 Queen Street Woollahra, Sydney

15 March - 7 April 2024

The Bejeweled Shoreline of Parsley Bay.jpg
Right: South Coogee Rock Pools on Bidjigal and Gadigal lands

Below: The Bejeweled Shoreline of Parsley Bay on Birrabirragal land

South Coogee Rockpools.jpg
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